How do you throw all your plans out the window?

How do you throw all the plans and goals out the window, you move two times in four months, and in the process box up all your drawing and art supplies! There is nothing like having the urge to draw something but not be able to find your sketchbook!

We moved from our house, where I had a huge office and art space to an apartment, where I was planning to use the dining area for my art space, but before I could get everything unpacked we moved again. When we decided to sell our house we boxed up the majority of our belongings and moved it all into a storage unit.  We had planned to slowly bring boxes to the apartment as we got everything arranged and situated.  After four months in our new apartment we had to move.

I have asthma and the couple in the apartment below us smoked heavily, so we found a townhouse in the same complex, but that required another move.  We had to box up everything we had already unpacked and get it all the to new place.  I have a small bedroom that I am now using as my art space, but I’m still looking for stuff. I had gotten my art supplies down to mostly fit on a few bookshelves and my Ikea Raskog cart while in the apartment, but I didn’t realize how many art books I had!   I have managed to complete one sketchbook, which I started in 2016, filled, but I’m still trying to arrange things in my new space.

I have realized that I have far more supplies than I really need, but I have a really hard time getting rid of art supplies. My going to try to use up what I have and really decided what I like using sketching wise, but it may be a struggle!

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