I really don’t care about learning different media!

Why is it every book I look at that covers drawing has to spend a huge chunk of the book covering different tools and materials? When you pick up a book on drawing basics or drawing for beginners they all start by covering all the different media.  I want to learn to sketch, I’ll use whatever I have to start. I really don’t want to spend my hard-earned money on anther book that covers charcoal and all the different ways to use it.

Every college level or continuing education class I’ve taken all have you buy all these different supplies, and then start out like “when shading a spear in charcoal/graphite you will need to do X”.  How about teaching me how to draw a circle first and about general shading before jumping into the media?

I’d love to find someone who starts their class or book by just saying “grab a piece of paper, any paper and a pen or pencil whatever you have sitting next to you..” and then dives into the lesson.  Why is this so hard, can anyone explain this to me??

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