Time to give up on a sketchbook?

My current sketchbook has 240 pages, less than half of which I’ve used.  When I started this particular sketchbook I was rather excited and looked forward to using it.  Now, not so much. I’ve fallen out of the habit of sketching and I’m to the point where I just want this one done.

I’m not one of those people who can leave a sketchbook unfinished though.  I have to fill it from cover to cover, give it a number and put it on my shelf.  I do flip back through my sketchbooks, to see my improvements and read my notes, but I’m really struggling with this one.

My original goal was to complete the book in the first few months of the year, but then we moved.  Then I wanted to have it done before the summer started, then the summer ended…you get the picture.  Now, I’ve figured out that I have to fill three pages a day to get it done by the end of October, a little more than a year after I started it.

Should I just abandon the sketchbook and move on to the one I’ve been wanting to try? Do I just leave a project half-finished?  No, I can’t do either, I HAVE to finish this book, but it makes it feel like work and I’m struggling with that feeling. When did sketching, learning and improving become work?  Why can’t I just sit down and sketch?

I think, at least for me anyway, it all started when I got out of the habit of sketching daily at lunch.  When I started getting too busy to give myself the time I needed to do what I love.

How am I going to get passed this “sketcher’s block”? I’ve started writing subjects at the top of each page to be drawn, anything that comes to mind, even if it means repeating the same subjects multiple times.  I’ve set down and come up with as many as I can and I’ll sit down and do more, then I’ll draw what the page says.  No thinking, just doing, then maybe just maybe I’ll fill this sketchbook!

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