Sketching block

When I was sketching daily, I always had something or could easily find something to sketch. Everything was interesting and anything could be a potential sketch.  As I get back into sketching I’m finding that have “sketching block.”

I will open my sketchbook but not find anything I really find interesting or that I want to sketch.  I’ve been here before, when I started sketching again a couple of years ago, I remember this same feeling; the feeling that “there was nothing to sketch.”

So how do you get yourself past your creative block? There are a few options. You can:

  • sketching something you sketched before
  • sketch a subject you know you enjoyed in the past
  • go back to the basics
  • start a new series on the same subject, for example do a series of sketches of trees, eyes, dogs, or buildings
  • copy another artist’s sketches, but do this ONLY for learning and inspiration only!!!
  • sketch the first thing you see after opening your sketchbook
  • sketch everything on your desk, or do an entire sketch of your desk
  • draw you pet(s).

But what do I personally do when I can find nothing else to sketch? First I pull out Tim, my drawing mannequin, even though I don’t put drawing people high on my list of things I like sketching. Second, I go to my hand, I’ve just started sketching hands, but it’s something I always have with me and can be drawing in many different ways. Finally, I have been forcing myself to sketch the first thing I see, it could be something simple or something more complex. I have had to force myself to sketch.

You get the point, just sketch anything. I’ve found that the more I sketch the more ordinary objects interest me. As most writers are told, to get past their writers block, “just write, write anything, it doesn’t have to be good or something you’ll keep, but just write.” I feel it’s the same with sketcher’s block, just sketch and draw!

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