Getting back into the habit of sketching.

IMG_4837 copy

As I said in my previous post, the last six months have had a lot of changes for me and during that time I didn’t really sketch much.  So how do you get back into the habit of sketching?

So how am I getting back into this habit?  Well first I am taking my sketchbook with me everywhere, I don’t often find the time to sketch when I’m out right now, but I still have it with me. Second, I have been trying to do a quick sketch as I’m eating my breakfast and then also at lunch. It’s hard to find time to do really detailed sketches, so these have been a little better than my normal doodles, but not quite a full drawing, just anything that makes me put a pencil to paper.

Sometimes we have to aim just to put some time toward sketching, just go so anything without the goal of trying to improve something. Getting back into this habit is more about making the time to sketch, even if it’s 5 or 10 minutes. So where am I finding these moments?

As I said I try to do a quick sketch while eating my breakfast and lunch, I did a quick one while waiting in line and on the phone, or while I was waiting for my dinner to cook. When I specifically can set time a I don’t worry if the sketch is completed or not, I do as much as I can, and either leave it unfinished or return to it in the next break I have.

When I get the chance I’ll take 15 minutes, like with the sketch pictured above and just draw anything.  I know this isn’t the best sketch, the perspective of the building in the background is all wrong, but I’m not really concerned about it.

Once I’m sketching regularly again, I know that they will improve, and these quick, imperfect sketches are showing me things I need to work on. I’m starting to see the benefits I gained from my doodle sketchbook (see What is a Doodle sketchbook?) and realizing how much I miss do them!

Sketching regularly is a habit that we need to form, but like all habits it takes a while to get there!

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