Using your sketchbook to improve the basics.

Using your sketchbook #4

Use your sketchbook to concentrate and become skilled with the basics of sketching.

What do I mean when I say the “basics”? I mean looking at the principles and elements of sketching, items such as line, shading, composition, proportion, shape or perspective, to name a few. When we are learning to draw we learn to utilize and recognize these items, but as our skills progress we pay less attention to them.

Drawing is a learnable skill and it is a skill that is improved through practice and use. As beginners, we use the basics to learn to observe objects, the basics teach us what to look for. Any sketcher needs to learn and understand what the basics are and how to apply them.

All the principles and elements are used to construct more complex items and drawings. Perfecting things such as drawing a straight line, ellipses, cylinder, and cubes in perspective are the building blocks of so many different objects.   I feel that having a have a firm grasp of the basics is essential for any artist.

By practicing them you perfect your skills with them and your sketching abilities. Taking the time to work on these can highlight where you have weaknesses and by repeatedly applying them, they will can help you overcome these weaknesses. Using your sketchbook to observe, apply, and concentrate on the basics is a means to reinforce their use, and will almost always increase your sketching skills.

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