Why Keep A Sketchbook?

Using your sketchbook #1

There are a number of reasons that any artist or sketcher should use and keep a sketchbook.  I really only have sketchbooks, I haven’t wanted to convert over to digital and I don’t work on loose paper, so my only real option is to use a sketchbook.

But if you do either of the other two, you are a digital user or you draw on any piece of paper you can find, why should you keep a sketchbook.

First, they are very portable, you can bet good quality books that fit in your pocket and most are light weight.  They also come in a variety of sizes so you can get the size you like best. You don’t need anything more than your book and a pencil or pen and you are set to draw at any time in any place.

Second, they can be found in almost any price range, and if you’re like me, they are more affordable when you can use a coupon from most big box hobby store.

Finally, you can beat them up, make mistakes and experiment without feeling like you are going to mess up hours of work or your master piece.

Besides that, what should you use your sketchbook for?

  • Learning the basics
  • Mastering a new technique
  • Learning or perfecting a new subject
  • As a creative outlet
  • As a visual journal
  • Concept art
  • Working out things for bigger or a more finished piece
  • Research and development /record your ideas
  • Doodles
  • Gesture and/or blind contour drawings

I actually have six sketchbooks going right now.  One I do gesture and blind contour drawings in, one I use just to do exercises for classes I’m taking or books I’m reading, one just for Copic markers, a doodle sketchbook, a pocket book for horses, and one for everything else. We’ll look at each of the bullets above, and why I keep each book I have in more depth in coming post, so check back in to get further details!IMG_3813

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