Perspective for Sketchers Lesson 1 and 2.

I’ve watched lessons one and two in the Perspective for Sketchers (class I’m taking and I’ve already learned a lot! Stephanie Bower’s explains how to find the proportions of a building using your pencil.  I’ve read where others have told you to do this, but this is the first class I’ve ever taken that explained how and then how to apply this to your drawing.  She also explains how to break down a building into sections and then use layers to complete your drawing.

Here are my notes from the first two lessons:

  • You shouldn’t erase, it doesn’t matter, keep drawing and make corrections.
  • Add long straight lines, don’t make small broken ones. Try to make nice straight clean lines, as best you can.
  • Take big shapes, break those into smaller shapes, and into smaller shapes.
  • When drawing architecture, it’s useful to show thicknesses of materials. For example, when doing window panes, draw two lines for mullions instead of one.
  • Start with basic shape, but it’s helpful to look for squares.
  • With perspective sketching the measurements and angles don’t have to be perfect, it just has to be believable.
  • Build in layers, break down the big shapes into smaller shapes.
  • Use elements you’ve already drawn in to help you find other elements.
  • If you have elements in our sketch that are not the focal point, try keeping them loser with less detail.
  • 1st layer, the basic shape 2nd layer, is the first layer broken into smaller shapes.
  • Keep working in layers adding more details toward the details needed for the end of the sketch.

Here is the sketch I did for Lesson 1.


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